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How to work effectively with your ACLs and ACL groups – Free Webcast on aclEZ best practices on June 12, 2013

on 5/31/13

aclEZ webcast


Unfortunately, the webcast on June 12th, 2013 on aclEZ best practices in discovering, analyzing and resolving issues with your ACLs and ACL groups is over. The good news is that you can download the recording from here.

An outline of the presentation can be found on this webpage.

Presentation overview

  1.  ACL management on steroids (mass-editing and deployment of ACLs)
  2. How to quickly overview server-wide ACL security and find & resolve problems on the spot
  3. How to clean up your ACLs to ensure a well-organized and easy to oversee environment
  4. How to work with roles on a mass scale
  5. Deep diving in ACL groups to get an understanding of who can access what on your server
  6. Dissecting your NAB group structure to understand any key user and group policies in place
  7. Cleaning up the NAB groups to ensure their members are relevant and up to date within your organization
  8. Managing global ACL settings like Administration server, enforcement of consistent ACLs, etc…


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