Read receipts are now available in Teams.  

We asked and Microsoft listened. Now you can see when your messages havbeen read and sent, and also automatically alert others when you have seen their messages. 

Getting Started

You can toggle the ‘Read receipts’ option under settings in your Teams client.  

To access your Teams client settings: 

  1. Click on your photo or, your initials if you did not upload your photo (upper right of your Teams client) and click Settings 

2. On the settings page, click Privacy, and toggle the Read receipts option. 

Two New Icons: Sent & Seen

Notice the new icon confirming your message has been sent succesfully: 

..and the new icon displayed when your message has been seen by the recipient:

Final Note 

It’s important to keep in mind that this option are only available in Private chatsThey are not available in Teams Conversations (a.k.a. Posts). 

Serge Tremblay

Office 365 MVP - Collaboration & Admin Specialist @Victrix Montreal

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