Microsoft Teams is a great communication tool.  From day one you can easily post messages and @mention users, channels or even your whole team. 

And now you can also post new announcements.  Announcements are richer and more visual than conversations.   

When publishing a new announcement, you have the option to add a headline (Title), a sub head (sub Title), a background image and your text. 

To create a new announcement, open your Teams client, select a team, select a channel, and go to the conversation tab. 

In this series of quick tips we continue to spotlight a few easy ways to help you get more productive with Teams. Some of these may be new to you, while others may offer a helpful reminder of options you forgot were there.

Let’s create an announcement in Teams:

In the new conversation click on the ‘A’ icon

Click on the down arrow to the right of New conversation 

Choose Announcement 

In your new announcement you can add:

  1. A title (headline)
  2. A sub title (subhead)
  3. Add the main text of your announcement
  4. Set the background color or add a background image to your announcement.

Here is an example of an announcement I created:

Serge Tremblay

Office 365 MVP - Collaboration & Admin Specialist @Victrix Montreal

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